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The Left-handed Champ Hardback Cover (ages up to 7 yrs)
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The Left-handed Champ Hardback Cover (ages up to 7 yrs) (2321)

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An inspiring heart-warming story about a boy named Callum who overcomes challenges and achieves his dreams by using his imagination and belief that he has a superpower.

This book is a perfect blend of teaching self-belief and helping children to be familiar with the difference between their left hand and right hand while having a fun reading time. Callum has a superpower in this story, but most importantly there are superpowers within all children.

This book is ideal for families, guardians and carers. The Left-handed Champ is used by teachers as a great resource to explore diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

Author Sophia Wilson
Illustrator Earl Wilson
Pages: 28 colour hardback
Publisher: Book Geeky Publishers